About us

 Hello everyone! 

We are John and Nancy Wilson, and the owners of Green Acre Gifts!

Having an entrepreneurial spirit is what drove the two of us to each other since the very beginning.  When we first started having conversations, our love for food and the drive to one day own a restaurant gave us countless hours of conversation.  Over the course of several meals from numerous restaurants, we eventually began dating and got married in October 2015. 

Our goal of owning a restaurant fell short and was placed on hold a while, as we tried to just focus on our daily lives.  In August 2018, we decided to try something new as a hobby to see how it would work out.  Making candles was not only fun, but it brought the entire family together whenever we were making these products.  

She has two older children that are no longer in the household, and we have two children together that still live at home.  The two little ones love smelling the candles and also love helping mommy and daddy make them!

Spending more time doing projects as a family was something we decided to keep doing.  We decided we had found our calling into the business world and quickly created Green Acre Gifts LLC.  Our drive and passion we put into everything we do has helped us create our brand to what it is today. 

Having both been in the military, we are donating a portion of the profits to various veteran organizations.  We feel that various organizations that help veterans cope with returning to home, as well as suicide prevention, are things worth donating  towards.

What started out as a hobby has turned into a small business that one day we hope will be our primary focus in life.

Thank you all, and we look forward to providing quality products to everyone!